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A client from Kihei in Maui wanted to restore the exterior of their home to maintain the original glory. The siding, exposed beams and roof were deteriorating due to termite damage. The restoration included the following:

Exterior Termite-Damage Repairs & Restoration

  • Landry Construction removed all damaged exterior wood paneling, exposed beams and tongue and groove roof
  • Pressure washed the entire exterior of the home
  • After that, they replaced the exterior wood paneling with new siding boards
  • Replaced veneering of exposed beams, rather than filling with wood filler
  • Sanded down all surfaces to remove original deteriorated finishes and brought back the original wood tone
  • Caulked and repainted the siding
  • Repainted the garage to match original design
  • Then refinished all of the tongue and groove roof
  • Upgraded exposed rafter tails to be fitted with custom made copper caps to prevent any future deterioration¬†


Timeline to complete remodel: 2 weeks




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